Police officer adopts homeless woman's drug-addicted baby

Police officer adopts homeless woman's drug-addicted baby (Photo/Video: KOB / NBC Newschannel)

(KOB) A New Mexico police officer has been honored for adopting the unborn baby of a woman he met during a drug call.

Albuquerque police officer Ryan Holets encountered a pregnant woman during a drug call. The woman is a heroin addict and agreed to allow Holets and his wife to adopt her baby.

The child, named Hope, suffered through drug withdrawals early in life, but she is now out of the hospital and joined her adopted dad to receive the city's Outstanding Service to the Community Award.

When asked how his other children responded to the new baby, Holets said, "She is absolutely their sister. They just want to hug her and kiss her as much as they can."

Holets said he has stayed in contact with Hope's parents and is working to get them into rehab. He is also leaving the door open for them to become a part of her life.

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