Niccole CaanInvestigative Reporter/Anchor

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Hello! Thanks for taking time to learn more about me.

I originally wanted to be a giraffe when I grew up, but my parents finally convinced me that endeavor wasn't a viable career. Instead, I decided to study journalism.

I graduated from Northwestern's Medill School of Journalism. After that, I packed up all I learned, grabbed a cute pair of shoes, left my parent's nest near Chicago and headed to Georgia for my first reporting job. Southern hospitality kept me there three years.

Wanderlust then struck and I went to Japan to teach English. I was forced to learn Japanese or continue to buy mysterious items at the grocery store. I lived close to the beach, so I took up surfing and SCUBA diving, despite a disastrous encounter with a jelly fish. School in Japan is year around, so during the long breaks I traveled around Asia and Europe. I also discovered I had a special talent for attracting strange and mysterious diseases on every trip and now has vast knowledge of most countries' medical systems.

I returned to the States mostly in one piece and with just a few parasites. I went back to reporting and worked at several stations in Indiana, mainly as an education reporter. I then did a stint in public relations for various educational groups before returning to graduate school at Northwestern.

ABC 7 gave me the opportunity to return again to reporting. I'm dedicated to covering the Panhandle Spirit with passion, creativity and style. I enjoy studying languages, traveling, weight lifting, cooking, eating out when the meals don't turn out well, hockey and diving.