Pedicabs in downtown Amarillo

Marco Camp brings Triple Crown Pedicab to downtown Amarillo. (ABC 7 Darra Cunningham- photo)

Downtown Amarillo is rapidly expanding which is why Marco Camp has decided to introduce the city to Triple Crown Pedicab.

“I just wanted to make a little bit extra money,but on top of that,just to bring something new and unique and be part of the revitalization of Amarillo downtown," said Camp.

Though pedicabs are known across the globe, Triple Crown Pedicab is the first to hit Amarillo.

Executive Director of Center City Beth Duke said pedicabs are perfect for the expansion of downtown.

“The demand for the pedicabs has just increased overnight. They started with two and they already have four pedicabs, " said Duke.

There are 38 restaurants downtown and finding parking can sometimes be an inconvenience.

Camp said that is what Triple Crown is here for.

“If people have to park far away, they can count on pedicab to get them to downtown and back, or to the Embassy Suites and back, or to the ball park and back, " said Camp.

Camp loves riding bikes so this came as more of a activity for him. He works the pedicabs every Friday and Saturday from 7 to 11 and works for Amarillo National Bank from 9 to 5.

“Juggling jobs is not trouble," said Camp.

Camp said he looks for to the new baseball stadium's arrival, as well as other new businesses coming to the area.

You can arrange a ride by texting pedicab to 313131 and a pedicab will be there to pick you up.

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