Local Marines help prep Bushland football for season


The Bushland Falcons Football team had some unlikely help during summer workouts on Tuesday morning - local members of the U.S. Marine Corps.

"I got a lot of scared reactions, and a lot of why are we doing this reactions, but it will pay off," said Robert Muncy, a Lance Corporal Reservist in the Marines. The summer workout was marine-style, focusing on exercises such as bear crawls, planks, push-ups and lunges - in contrast to the football team's normal weightlifting workout. They say experiencing this style of workout will help the players in the upcoming season.

"They learn that in the fourth quarter when they get tired and they don't have any energy left that they can push through," said Gilbert Britto, a Private in the Marines.

Although the players were exhausted following the workout, they also believe it will do nothing but help them have a successful season.

"I think we got disciplined today," said Chase Paris, a senior running back. "We got taught to not be lazy. To not give up and to work harder. And as a team."

Head Coach Jimmy Thomas got the idea for the workout from his time in the service.

"I was actually part of the first marine infantry and regimen before I got into education and before I went to college and this just kind of worked itself out between us and the recruiters, you know develop that relationship," said Thomas. He hoped having the Marines come in would also show the players another option for their future following college.

"When I was in high school, we had Marine recruiters come out and put on workouts and represent themselves like they were something better than just the average Joe and so that made me want to be a part of something," said Muncy.

The Bushland Falcons are looking to improve on a 6-5 2016 season in district 4A.

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