Dumas assistant coach facing fight of his life

Dumas Offensive line coach Antonio Murga

With over 20 years of coaching experience, Dumas offensive line coach Antonio Murga feels blessed to spend his Friday night in the fall under stadium lights. But after over 20 years with the game - things will be different. The Dumas native was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer earlier this month.

"I’m not thinking about this thing. I’m focusing on what I love to do. I enjoy this, and it keeps my mind off of the negative things going on in my life,” said Murga.

Despite the diagnoses, Murga is not giving up on his calling. This week he was up at the crack of dawn for high school two a days - Murga was doing what he does best.

The alternative wasn't an option.

"Sitting at home and thinking about it. Sitting there and dying for lack of better words.”

“We’re not in control of these events," said Dumas head football coach Aaron Dunnam. "God’s gonna take this one. And we’ve just got to understand that, we can only control what we can control."

As for the players, Murga is a role model. His fight has continued to inspire their own.

“I was pretty sad about it," said senior wide receiver Wyatt Lay. "But it pushed us all to do better, and that’s basically it,”

“We’ve been with Coach Murga for awhile, so it’s pretty shocking," said senior safety Luis Ramos. "We’re not sure how long he's going to be here, but we’re working for him.”

Murga, just like on Friday nights - is not going down without a fight.

“When adversity pulls out a knife, we’re going to pull out a machete and that’s at the point were at. We’ve got our machetes out, and we’re going to work.”

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