Boy from Virginia Tech t-shirt video learns he's gone viral

5-year-old Junior Warren smiles talking about the Virginia Tech shirt he got from a stranger at a game. (Photo: Annie Andersen)

BLACKSBURG, Va. (WSET) -- The original video of Brandon Jarrell surprising a little boy at a Virginia Tech game has been seen more than 160,000 times, and that's just on Facebook.

It was also shared on Good Morning America.

But 5 year old Junior Warren, the boy in the video, had no idea he had gone viral.

Smiling as he watched the video, Junior talked about his surprise. “Him asked me, are you a hokey pokey and I said no," said the little boy.

For Brandon Jarrell, a stranger who happened to be sitting near him, that just wouldn’t do. He explained, "I looked at him and I said, man who you cheering for, and he was a Tech fan and and I said where’s your gear at? You ain’t got no Tech gear?"

He told the boy not to worry.

And Junior remembers what happened next, saying "He came back with a shirt!"

As luck would have it, a man in the next row, Wally Andrus, caught it all on video.

Andrus says he had a feeling it was coming, saying "I saw him kind of eye him up, like he was sizing him up for something and so I turned to my buddy and said I bet he’s going to buy him something."

So he was prepared when Jarrell came back with a bag.

He posted the video immediately, wanting to show this random act of kindness, which is exactly why Jarrell says he surprised Junior.

"“I just want to inspire other people to do the same thing that I did. Keep the love flowing, keep the positive vibes going," said Jarrell.

And while the dimpled smile from Junior is reward enough, there’s one other thing Jarrell has his eye on. Smiling he said, “I want to be the guy on the field throwing out t-shirts.”

And he wants his new friend Junior to be there to help him as he brings more smiles to Lane Stadium.

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