Week 5 Blitz Player of the Week - Bushland QB Colton Moore


Losing can leave a pretty bad taste in your mouth.

"Last year they came here, and they beat us pretty bad I think it was 45-7, 45- nothing maybe, and I wanted to get that win, you know it meant a little bit more to me than a game," said Bushland starting quarterback Colton Moore.

Over 500 combined yards and seven touchdowns later, he made sure losing to Pampa on Friday wasn't an option. Moore threw for 356 yards and one touchdown passing, and ran for 175 yards, and 6 touchdowns rushing.

"A kid caught a touchdown that didn't even start for us, and that's big, you know he didn't quit on himself, he didn't quit on us, and all the way across the board we had play makers, our offensive line did great," said Moore. "I've played five games and I haven't been sacked once and that's on them."

It takes all 11 players to secure a 56-49 over a high-powered harvester offense, but a leader catching the snaps is crucial.

"He's gotten better this year, especially down the field, but Colton is a great football player, " said Bushland head coach Jimmy Thomas. "He is built like a full back and he throws like a quarterback, so you know that is a great combination."

And Moore can do more than connect passes.

"I play three sports because I love to play three sports, and I like to compete, I don't like losing," said Moore. "And I think that just kind of carries over from season to season."

He is currently committed to play division 1 baseball at Texas State University next fall.

"You ought to see him on the basketball court too he's really good at basketball as well, so he's good in whatever he does and he's the ultimate competitor," said Thomas.

As for what he will miss about the Friday night lights?

"My teammates, definitely going out there and competing with my friends, and playing in front of this community, there's a lot of people that come out and supports us, and it's an awesome feeling."

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