The Blitz POW 4: It's all in the family for Casen Cavalier

Canadian High School QB Casen Cavalier at practice following a 40-7 win over Stratford. 

Winning has become an expectation for one team in the northeast panhandle.

The Canadian Wildcats are off to a 4-0 start this season. Not a surprising feat for a team with a history of success, but there were questions coming into the season. After a 40 to 7 win over District 1-2A rival Stratford, many of those questions have been answered - in the form of new starting quarterback, Casen Cavalier.

"It was pretty exciting for us before the game," said Cavalierat practice on Tuesday following the win. "It's a pretty big rivalry between us and Stratford. We've played them six times in the last three years, and so far we're six and zero in those three years."

The 9th ranked class 3A Canadian Wildcats stifled Stratford on the ground and in the air on Friday.

"The offensive line did a great job of pushing them off the ball, it was almost a guaranteed 4 yards every time because of them," said Cavalier.

With six touchdowns - two rushing and four passing, 215 yards rushing and 233 yards passing in the win, it is hard to believe this is the first year quarterback Cavalier has taken snaps as a starter for the Wildcats.

"He's doing some really good things he's putting up some great numbers but I really think he still has room to improve and I think he's just going to keep getting better and better," said Canadian head football coach Chris Koetting.

Cavalier realizes he has some pretty big shoes to fill in Canadian.

"It's a pretty big legacy that we have to play behind, I think it kind of gives us a competitive edge knowing what we got to live up to," said Cavalier.

As for his talent, much of it can be accredited to his family. Cavaliers dad and uncle were quarterbacks for Pampa in the 90's, and he says he is just trying to continue the legacy.

"Football is life around here," said Cavalier. "It's a pretty big deal, and like our motto I'd like leave it to where every time we go out on the field, that's the best we could have done there's nothing we could have done better."

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