POW Week Two: Friona QB breaks record in win over Booker

Friona Chieftans QB Marco Monreal practicing after leading the team to a 48-7 win over Booker. 

Beating Booker and breaking a school record was all in a Saturday's work for Friona Chieftans QB Marco Monreal.

"It was fun you know you hardly ever play a game like that," said Monreal at practice following the win.

Monreal is in his junior year at Friona. He expected to win big going into their game this Saturday, but couldn't predict the type of stats he would put up.

"Marco broke the single school record for Friona, it was 249 yards passing before now it's now it's 329," said Jimmy Arias, head football coach for the Chieftans. "Before you knew it, it was four touchdowns in the air and two on the ground. It was one of those phenomenal games you just don't see around too much."

The record had been standing since 1991. It was shattered easily in the Chieftans 48-7 win over the Kiowas.

"The line was giving me all kinds of time," said Monreal. "They were giving me the time I needed and then the receivers were open and making great plays."

Monreal still has the remainder of his junior and senior year to continue to grow as quarterback.

"Every day and practice we talk about, the next reps got to be better, and he's done a good job about that," said Arias. "He will write down stuff when we're watching film and he's just trying to get better every day and I think the older he gets the better off we will be as a team."

Monreal hopes to lead the team to a district title, and hopefully a deep run into the playoffs.

"I want to just lead the team you know," said Monreal. "Pass for more yards, get these receivers open, the line is doing their job, and just be a dual threat quarterback."

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