POW 12: Panhandle's Braden Durst


Win… or go to basketball season. Panhandle had quite the task at hand facing off with number 7 ranked Abernathy in a bi-district match up Friday night.

"Well we knew we had to stop their offense, because their offense is really good obviously, and we knew we had to get our offense going, and we got it going eventually," said junior quarterback Braden Durst.

The panthers lead 13 to zero going into half after forcing four turnovers and killing the Anelopes momentum.

Durst ended his night with 266 yards and 3 touchdowns.

"Really the same thing he did Friday night is what he has been doing all year," said head coach Dane Ashley. "He is incredibly tough. You know, he runs the ball very very hard and he can take a pounding, and he can keep on going, and we laugh about every Saturday saying we're going to have to change the oil as many times as he carries the ball, but he's a tremendous competitor, and i'm just proud of how tough he plays."

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