Blitz Player of the Week: Pampa's QB throws for over 400 yards in week one

Pampa's QB Brandon Steward throws for over 400 yards in week one against Littlefield.

Blitz Player of the Week - Week 1: Pampa QB Brandon Steward

With over 4,000 passing yards in 2016 and 401 yards and five touchdowns in Pampa's season-opening win against Littlefield, Brandon Steward's stats speak for themselves. But he doesn't take the credit.

“Honestly it's really easy because I have a very good line," said Steward. "They help me just sit back there and I can get through my read and my receivers have really good hands so they just help that, and they run really great routes so long as I get the ball in their vicinity they do the rest and most of the work for me.”

Head Coach Greg Poyner believes Steward's leadership and drive is unmatched.

"He has great work ethic," said Poyner. "He is the type of kid during the summer he would come up here early, he would get some of his own receivers - he wanted to throw with them. If there's anything to do to get better he's doing it and you are seeing a kid like that have success because he's earned it."

But Steward can do more than just connect a pass.

"I tell everybody he's a great football player but he's a better kid than he has football player," said Poyner. "He's been a real good leader for our team and a pleasure to be around easy to coach tries to do everything you tell him, just a really good kid."

Despite his success, Steward is always looking to be better.

"Just wanna execute more improve everyday and take it one game at a time," said Steward.

This year, he's shooting for 5,000 yards.

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