Blitz POW 9: San Jacinto Christian Academy's Spencer Wallace


102 to 97 - no that’s not a basketball score, that's six-man football.

But scores like that don’t happen without players like Spencer Wallace.

"It's definitely awesome knowing that I can run it around in the pocket or wherever I need to and just throw it up every once in awhile and have one of my wide receivers get it," said Wallace, San Jacinto Christian Academy's quarterback. "It's so fast paced that you just can't really think, it's awesome."

Despite his success against Abilene Christian School, completing 20 of 37 attempts for nine touchdowns, the Panthers responded to nearly every score by the Patriots on Saturday to keep the game tight.

"You've got to have some grit some moxie, but you also have to have a short memory," said Matt Tarbutton, head coach for SJCA. You know because if you make a bad throw, he did have one interception, you just have to have a short memory and go out and make the most of the next play."

Wallace is only in his second year of football – and has not been the Patriots quarterback all season. But after his performance – he’s there to stay.

"He's shown that he can make the decisions, he's shown that he can run the offense the way we need him to, and you know if we can score a hundred points a game, I'm good with that," said Tarbutton.

Wallace not only has success on the gridiron, but on the baseball field, and as junior class president. But he manages to keep his priorities in order.

"My standard is god first, family, school and then sports," said Wallace. "I won't be able to go play any collegiate level sports if I don't take care of my school and I don't take care of my family. So it's just making sure you keep everything in the right order and you're doing it in the right amount of time."

He hopes to continue either baseball or football in college.

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