Blitz POW 6: Dumas Demons quarterback Noah Quintanilla

Dumas Demons senior quarterback Noah Quintanilla

The Dumas Demons senior quarterback understands the concept of practicing how you play.

"We've been working on our QB run game, we just rely heavily on that, and that opened up our passing game too," said Noah Quintanilla. "We've just been practicing hard and we knew the outcome of the game before it even happened."

Quintanilla led Dumas to a 35-14 win over Palo Duro on Friday, boasting over 300 combined yards and accounting for three of the Demon’s touchdowns.

"The thing with Noah with his leadership is he brings out great play out of a lot of other kids," said Dumas head coach Chad Dunnam. "You know we've got a lot of kids playing well right now. And you know I think Noah's influence and his leadership brings the best out of a lot of our kids."

Despite his success – Quintanilla is always looking for progress.

"Improving my passing game. I think I've done that but I want to be better at it," said Quintanilla when asked about goals for himself.

"He's the type of kid that's just always striving for excellence, you know one thing we talk about as a program is just continued improvement, and Noah is a kid that has just bought into that 100 percent, and he is looking to get better every single day, every single rep," said Dunnam.

And when it comes to a solid four and one start to the season?

"I expected us to do better, hopefully not lose that game, but it happens. I expected to score a little bit more points, but a win is a win, we will take it," said Quintanilla.

Quintanilla hopes to not only make a playoff birth to cap off his senior year, but win a few games while they are there.

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