The Practicing Parent: Evenflo recalls child safety seat buckles

The Evenflo Symphony 65 harness crotch buckle may become resistant to unlatching over time, due to exposure to food and drinks.

Evenflo is voluntarily recalling more than 1.3 million child safety seat buckles due to the risk of not being able to remove a child quickly from the seat in an emergency. The company said Friday it is recalling select 2011-2014 convertible car seats and harnessed booster seats because the harness crotch buckle may become resistant to unlatching over time, due to exposure to food and drinks. Affected models are Momentum, Chase, Maestro, Snugli, SureRide, Symphony, Titan, Secure Kid.

This buckle recall comes on the heels of the Graco recall in February 2014 which affected 11 models and about 3.7 million car safety seats. TxDOT Traffic Safety Specialist Tracy Tellman said the reason for the Evenflo recall is the same as the Graco recall.

"The buckle itself does not release when it's contaminated with liquids or food, so that could keep you from being able to get your child out of the car seat in an emergency. So it's not going to affect the crashworthiness of the seat, it's only going to affect the ability to get the child out quickly," Tellman said.

The seats affected are sold by most major retailers.

Tellman recommends Practicing Parents fill out their registration forms after purchasing a car safety seat. "When you buy a new car seat, you should be sure to fill out the registration form and send it in, so if there is a recall on a car seat, you'll get that information from the car seat manufacturer," Tellman said.

Evenflo is alerting owners and is providing those with affected seats a remedy kit, free of charge, that includes a replacement buckle and instructions for installing the new buckle. That kit is available online at or by calling 1-800-490-7591.

Below are the affected seat model names and numbers and affected dates of manufacture. If seat does not fall within the date ranges listed below, then the seat is NOT impacted by this recall:

Momentum 65, Momentum 65 LX and Momentum 65 DLX Model: 385 3/4/2013 through 8/26/2013

Chase, Chase LX and Chase Select Model: 306 8/23/2011 through 3/3/2014

Chase LX and Chase DLX Model: 329 8/23/2011 through 3/3/2014

Maestro and Maestro Performance Model: 310 8/22/2011 through 10/17/2013

Symphony 65, Symphony 65 E3, Symphony LX, Symphony DLX and Snugli All-in-One Model: 345 or 346 10/2/2012 through 8/26/2013

Titan 65 and SureRide DLX Model: 371 6/20/2012 through 10/17/2013

Secure Kid LX, Secure Kid DLX, Secure Kid 100, Secure Kid 300, Secure Kid 400 and Snugli Booster Model:308 12/13/2011 through 3/3/2014

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