Child Safety Seat Checkup set for Friday

The statistics are startling when it comes to how many car safety seats are not properly installed.

"In my experience in the panhandle, about 95 percent are not correct," Car Safety Seat Specialist with TxDOT Tracy Tellman said. "95 percent are not installed properly and it could be a very minor thing or a very major thing."

Those numbers are why t

he Texas Department of Transportation, Safe Riders and the Texas Department of State Health Services are hosting a free child safety seat checkup Friday, March 26th.

"The most common errors that parents make is the seat belts not tight enough or it's not locked or they're using the wrong belt path, the harnesses aren't tight enough or they're using the wrong seat for their child," Tellman said. "That is what's keeping your child in a vehicle in a wreck. We have to be ready for a crash anytime we get in the vehicle."

Certified Technicians will check each safety seat for recalls, proper working parts and teach parents correct usage of their child's safety seat and installation techniques.

Each seat will require approximately 30 minutes.

Friday, March 27, 2015


Amarillo Fire Station #13

6383 SW 45th, Amarillo

For information call

Julie Poindexter (806) 354-1444

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