Panhandle Spirit: The Groom Cross at Easter

The giant cross in Groom, Texas draws visitors from all over the nation, especially during the Easter season(Steve Douglass ABC7 News)

Every day, travelers along I-40 are inspired to pull off the highway and get a closer look at the giant cross in Groom. And this time of year, the Easter season, the crowds grow, many seeking a closer relationship with God, and a greater appreciation for the sacrifice made on Mount Calvary.

“ What most people get from the visit here is the feeling of how close to Jesus they are when they come onto the grounds,” said Barbara Homer, who’s managed the gift shop there for 14 years. “We have a lot of locals that this time of the year, during the Easter season, they come and visit annually, just to make a pilgrimage here. A lot of times, the local churches will come and visit throughout the Easter season.”

The cross stands 190 feet tall, and is surrounded by a series of bronze sculptures, depicting The Stations of the Cross. There’s also a rendering of The Last Supper, Christ’s crucifixion, and an empty tomb.

“It’s very moving when you actually stand in front of these life-size artworks. It’s very beautiful and very profound. The artist has done an amazing job with the artwork itself. So, it makes them feel really in the moment of the Passion of the Christ,” Homer said.

They’ll host a sunrise service at 7am Easter Sunday.

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