Panhandle Spirit: Progress at the Mulkey

    Great progress being made on the renovation of the Mulkey Theater in Clarendon.(ABC7 Amarillo)

    With each piece of wood that's cut, every screw driven, the dream of restoring the Mulkey Theater moves closer to reality. Clarendon Chamber of Commerce Manager Bob Weiss says the anticipation is growing all over town.

    "We've had a few people from town stopping by, and kinda going, 'Oh, you guys were serious! It's really gonna happen!'" Weiss said.

    The sawdust sparkles in front of the new bank of lights that will shine on the stage, renovated so that the latest movies won't be the only thing that brings people in.

    "We've already had some interest in various people as far as doing bands and plays, so I think we're gonna have a lot of use here besides just movies," he said.

    Work on the balcony is virtually complete. New hardwood floors and steps have been stained and finished. They will accent the VIP reclined seating section, with room for 36 people in 9 clusters of 4 recliners each. It is expected to be a big hit--especially the first time the new screen is lowered, and the high-tech projection and sound systems usher in a new era for Clarendon's showplace.

    "We're looking at that eventually kinda being a box seat sort of thing, sorta like a ballpark, or something along those lines, and we may include some service, as far as keeping your cokes filled, and your popcorn filled, and things like that," Weiss said.

    The next big milestone is the installation of the seats, which could begin as soon as the end of this week. Thanks to the community's Panhandle Spirit, each of those 204 seats have already been sponsored.

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