Panhandle Spirit: Pioneer West Museum

The Pioneer West Museum in Shamrock showcases the history and people of Wheeler County(ABC 7 Amarillo)

A common theme you find throughout the Panhandle is the deep respect and pride communities have in their history. In Shamrock, you’ll find plenty of that at the Pioneer West Museum.

It’s located in what was once the Reynolds Hotel, which was built in 1925. It was transformed into a museum in 1975.

There are about two dozen rooms in this two-story beauty, some showing the elegance of an age gone by. Others are filled with artifacts from the pioneer days, and Native American tribes that once called the area around Wheeler County home.

In addition to the main building, there’s also a barn filled with tractors, and even a wedding buggy.

“There’s so many things here that were personal to people that meant a lot to them. And it shows how in the past, how people lived. They didn’t have all these conveniences, like we have now,” said

Betty Oldham, President of the Museum board. “I’ve always loved history so naturally that makes me want it all preserved, and I hope we can get more young people interested.

The kids might get a kick out of the old Magnolia Gas station on the corner, with its statuesque pumps and classic architecture. There’s also a building that housed a lawyer’s office and the Justice of the Peace. You can also tour the house where the town’s longtime doctor, B.A. Ziegler lived, and worked—giving new meaning to the idea of a house call.

It all blends together to tell the story of the people who built Shamrock, and those here now sharing that legacy in the Panhandle Spirit.

“I think we have a good town. Of course, we’ve lost a lot of our population, but I’m still very proud of our town. I sure am.”

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