Panhandle Spirit: No Boundaries International

No Boundaries International Director is traveling to Africa to help victims of human trafficking(ABC7 Amarillo)

An Amarillo woman who has spent the past five years helping victims of human trafficking here is now preparing to go halfway around the world to help people suffering the same fate.

"Sierra Leone is still considered one of the most dangerous places in the world, and so we want to go in and share that hope and that light, and bring some encouragement to them," said

Traci Rogers, Director of No Boundaries International here in Amarillo.

She'd previously served 14 years as a children's minister and said the seeds of her current calling were planted then.

"Looking back, I know that I had several that were involved in trafficking. I just didn't know it," Rogers said.

During this upcoming trip toaafrica, she'll work with teachers and students at a junior high and high school they've established there. They'll also minister to victims on the street, and show them a way out of that life. Focusing on that mission helps calm her fears.

"The practical side of me says, 'It is dangerous,' and then the spiritual side of me says,'God's got it. He's way bigger than anything that I can fathom.' So, we are so excited for the opportunities and things that He's gonna put before me to do, and be able to come back and share with our team here," Rogers said.

Rogers says the overwhelming task has strengthened her faith, and opened her eyes to the difference they're making in lives from Africa to Amarillo.

"Even on Christmas Day, some of our friends that we were serving came up to me and said, 'Okay, we're finished eating. Now, we want to serve you all. So, they went into the kitchen, washed their hands, and they served...because they wanted to give back."

Rogers said one of the keys to reaching these victims is to show love without judgement, without condemnation, and without any agenda.

She's leaving in two weeks, and they'll spend 16 days in Africa.

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