Panhandle Spirit: Local inventors land spot in International Toy Fair

Local inventors hope to hit it big at the International Toy Fair next month in NYC(ABC7 Amarillo)

A couple of local inventors have won a spot in the International Toy Show in New York next month. Their idea isn’t high-tech. Actually, it’s practically no-tech, but they say they believe that’s where the appeal lies.

It’s called “Snap Swaps”—little plastic links with emoji-type faces on them—that you click together to make a bracelet or necklace. Each piece is interchangeable, so the idea is for kids to swap the snaps when they want to change up the look.

”Something as an alternative to screen time, so getting back to interaction with each other, kinda like trading cards,” said co-inventor Shaun Greene.

Greene used his background as a graphic designer to bring the idea to life. An idea that popped into his fiancée, Kristen Jameson’s, head while walking her dog about 18 months ago.

“I was thinking of something they could wear, but then something that they didn’t have a bunch of them on, something that came in pieces,” Jameson said.

By the end of that day, they had a name, a logo and a plan. Now, as one of just 100 inventors with a spot at the toy show’s launch hall, they have a chance to land a deal with retailers.

“People go, ‘Why didn’t somebody think of it before?’ Well, maybe they weren’t kicking rocks and walking dogs before, you know? So, it just happened to fall in our laps and we’ve been blessed along the way,” Greene said.

They said the support provided by the city’s Small Business Development Center, from production to marketing to networking and more has been crucial to their progress.

“People have helped us so much, and we are so grateful. This community is great. If you had a question, there was always somebody that will pick up the phone or answer an email,” Jameson said.

They are taking pre-orders now online at, and will start shipping at the end of February.

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