Panhandle Spirit: 8th graders put compassion in action

Two 8th graders in Borger show the Panhandle Spirit by helping a classmate they barely know.(ABC 7 Amarillo)

All too often, we hear stories of bullying in schools—kids being picked on for how they look or what they wear—sometimes with tragic results. But, two 8th-graders from Borger have provided us with a better story, by taking compassion on a classmate who they barely know.

When Lexsie Medina and Hadley Young spend time in the school library, they are surrounded by messages of kindness on posters all across the room. But they did what many kids their age don’t—they put it into action.

“On Friday, when we were running for athletics, she wasn’t wearing the right pair of shoes, so her knee was hurting and she was crying, so me and Hadley just had the idea what if we raised money for her to buy a pair of shoes, ” Lexsie said.

“We thought, this shouldn’t be happening, and it was just sad and upsetting the way that it was going on,” Hadley said.

They decided to shoot for $200, and shared the plan on Facebook and Snapchat.

“We just set a goal and if we could reach that, then we might raise it a little higher, but people just kept putting in money, and ended up raising more,” Hadley said.

In fact, they topped their goal within a couple of hours, and in less than a week, they hit $600. They couldn’t wait to tell their classmate.

“We told her during basketball, and she wanted to tear up, and that made us start tearing up. She was just happy, being thankful that we were doing this for her,” Lexsie said.

“Mom’s wanting to take us to go get lunch, and get our nails done, then take her to the mall, and have some fun because she’s never gotten to go to the mall and really have a girls’ day,” said Hadley.

The girls say the rest of the school sees what they’ve done. They hope it lights a spark.

“They’ve come up to me saying, ‘Y’all have done a really good thing and that more people should be doing that, but no one’s really stepped up’,” Hadley said.

“It feels good to help people out. Since I was little, I’ve always wanted to help people and now that I’m finally doing it, it just makes me happy,” said Lexsie.

To top it all off, their classmate’s birthday is Monday. So, it’s shaping up to be one of her best ever.

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