Panhandle Spirit: Las Vegas First Responders

DRYDEN 2.jpg

Matthew Dryden is now a hometown hero after helping save lives during the Las Vegas shooting. Dryden is currently working as an Operations Supervisor with Las Vegas American Medical, but grew up in Amarillo.

"People were looking for help," Dryden described to ABC News what he experienced first hand working to save lives.

"It was still a very active situation...Metro was still engaging on what they thought the threat was," he revealed.

Dryden admitted that the shooting turned out to be a much larger scale of an incident than what they expected going into it. The focus was getting people to a safe place so they could begin treating them.

Right now, Dryden is trying to cope with what he experienced. "There's a lot that still plays in your head," he said. But he pointed out, he has a lot of pride for his team and their efforts.

He also noted that he is thankful for those in Amarillo who gave him a strong foundation to know how to respond to such a harrowing incident.

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