Bomb City wraps up filming in Amarillo

Bomb City

The producer of Dallas-based production company, Third Identity, says they've finished principal photography for "Bomb City," at Cadillac Ranch.

Major Dodge says they'll begin post-production and hope to have the first cut complete by September 28th so they can submit it to the Sundance Film Festival.

"Bomb City" tells the story of Brian Deneke who was killed in 1997 during a fight between so-called punks and jocks from Tascosa High School.

Dustin Camp, who ran over Deneke with his Cadillac, was convicted of voluntary manslaughter.

Deneke's story has been told by several national publications, detailing a tale of intolerance in Amarillo.

Dodge says if the film is not accepted at Sundance he'll try to screen it in Amarillo in December.

He'll then submit it to South By Southwest.

Screenwriter Sheldon Chick, Composer Cody Chick and Director Jameson Brooks are all from Amarillo.

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