Amarillo group crochets for the homeless

Amarillo group crochets for the homeless (Courtesy: Humankind(ness) Stitching for the Community)

For most of us, grabbing a hat or scarf on our way out into the cold is done without a second thought.

But there are many in our community who wander through the wintry air without such necessities.

An Amarillo woman recognized the need, and decided she could put her talents, and those of her friends, to the task of meeting it.

Melanie Eggleston loves to crochet, and she has a helper’s heart, so when she saw a video about a group on the east coast who made hats and scarves for the homeless, she shared the idea with a friend, and a Facebook group was born, "Humankind(ness), Stitching for the Community".

“I know there is a need here in our community as well. I thought it was a really good fit to incorporate with what I was already doing in our community,” Eggleston said.

So once a month, they gather, bringing items they’ve finished at home, along with projects they’re still working on. They’ll tag the items with a special message, and then take them to a city park, attach them to a bench, or a tree, and leave them there for anyone who needs them.

"The day we brought things to the park, there were actually people there who were cold, and we let them choose what they wanted,” she said.

The idea that the gift can be accepted by someone who’s needy without face-to-face contact appealed to Christi Dawson. She’s one of the group’s newer members, who loves to knit, and she also works with the food pantry of the Bethesda Outreach here in Amarillo.

“I like the idea of different people that needed them could just come and take it. They didn’t have to be embarrassed, because a lot of them I’ve worked with in different organizations are kinda embarrassed about not having a home, or whatever, and I just thought, this is nice they can go and get what they want,” Dawson said.

The group has also donated hats and scarves to Amarillo Housing First, which has made them available to people who come into their Code Blue Warming Station.

“You can only knit so many hats for your family. I’d prefer to knit them for people who actually want them, and actually can use them,” Dawson said.

Melanie says they’re group isn’t only for people who know how to knit and crochet. If this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, they’ll teach you, and even provide you with the yarn and hooks.

“There are people in this community who are looking for reasons, or chances to help, and this is a really easy way to help people.”

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