Texas firefighters rescue little boy's Elves on the Shelf during house fire

6-year-old Daniel erupts with joy after finding out his Elves on the Shelf were saved by Amarillo firefighters after his home was destroyed in a Friday night fire. (Photo: Amarillo Fire Department)

It's been a busy fire season for firefighters in the Amarillo area but a letter sent to the Amarillo Fire Department gives a little glimpse into why these firefighters put their lives at risk on a day-to-day basis.

AFD said they were sent a letter and photos in regards to a fire they responded to on Dec. 8 . The letter was from the nephew of the family who lived at a home in City View. That home was destroyed by a fire on Friday. Although the family lost their home, they were grateful for the actions of the responding firefighters.

The father who lived at the home served five years in the Marine Corps and deployed to Iraq twice, according to the letter. In the back room, he lost multiple certificates and awards he had earned while serving overseas.

"Your firefighters showed great professionalism and were very courteous to the situation," the letter reads.

AFD firefighters were able to save the 6-year-old boy's Elves on the Shelf.

"What you can’t see or hear in the first picture is Daniel yelling and jumping up and down, because just moments before that he was crying that he lost all of his batman toys and wouldn’t be able to get them back before Christmas."

The letter goes on to say the the boy's 12-year-old sister was very excited that her little brother was able to get his magical toys and she has been really strong for her little brother throughout the whole ordeal.

"She continuously told me that, 'Those firefighters came to help us really fast, and hopefully they saved my American girl dolls.' Those dolls were saved."

The letter says the family is working on washing the dolls up to return them to the girl.

"You have no idea how much those small gestures of kindness shed light on this extremely dark time in their lives. Stay Safe."

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