Recipe for Kerbey Lane queso to be placed on the moon, should any hungry aliens come along

    <p>Kerbey Lane queso is going to the moon. (Photo: CBS Austin){/p}

    Austinites already think the queso from Kerbey Lane Cafe is out of this world, and soon, it literally will be.

    A recipe for the cheesy delight is part of a contribution from Austin Mayor Steve Adler to the Lunar Library from the Arch Mission Project, a physical archive containing millions of documents laser-etched into a radiation-proof disk that was launched via a SpaceX Falcon rocket on Thursday night.

    The disk will be permanently placed on the moon via a lunar lander from SpaceIL, which will circle the moon in gradually descending orbit in order to facilitate a soft landing, targeted for April 11.

    The letter from Adler includes a copy of the original, authentic, and never-before-published Kerbey Queso recipe from Kerbey Lane Cafe.

    “We choose to send queso to the Moon – and maybe someday chips as well, not because these things are easy, but because they are hard,” quipped Mayor Adler, channeling JFK. “The challenge to eat queso in zero gravity is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one we intend to win, among other key challenges, like next time remembering the chips.”

    Adler also included a photo of the late Albert "Leslie" Cochran, an activist for homelessness in Austin and the personification of "Keep Austin Weird."

    Mayor Adler declined to provide details about the image, commenting, “I’m not going to say exactly what the picture shows, but Leslie mooned Austin enough times. It was about time Austin mooned the moon.”

    Also included on the disk is a full copy of the English-language Wikipedia, 25,000 books, and key to 5000 different languages.

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