Hidden camera found in women's restroom at south Abilene Whataburger

A hidden camera was found in the women’s restroom at the Whataburger on S. 1st Street in Abilene. (Photo given to KTXS by the victim)

A hidden camera was found in the women’s restroom at the Whataburger on S. 1st Street in Abilene.

The victim, who does not want to be identified, told KTXS that she found it about 1 p.m. Friday.

"When I flushed the toilet, I noticed an unusual small circle under the rim of the toilet lid," she said. "I looked closer and realized it was a camera lens!"

Frightened, she lifted the lid on the tank of the toilet where she found wires connected to the camera.

"In my shock, and realizing someone was watching me, I just ripped the device out of the tank and ran out of the restaurant to my car," she said.

The woman called Abilene police who came and picked up the device.

Sergeant Tim Schmidt said it is unknown how long the device was in the toilet, but APD is now looking for the person who put it there.

Schmidt was also not sure if the device was transmitting a live feed or whether the suspect would have to retrieve the device in order to view the video.

After going through an ordeal like this, the victim has a warning for other women.

"Always, always check your surroundings!" she said. "Just take a second to look more closely before using a public restroom."

Schmidt said this kind of crime is not common in Abilene, but he too warned people to be aware of their surroundings.

We asked the victim if she could say something to the suspect ,what would she tell him/her?

"Honestly, I don’t know if there is anything to say to someone who has so little respect for other people and their dignity," she said. "What if it was their mother, wife, daughter that this happened to? I can only pray for the person that did this."

We contacted the Whataburger on S. 1st Street for comment and were told "we are not allowed to give out information."

Whataburger's corporate office sent us the following statement.

At Whataburger, it’s our goal to make sure families feel safe and comfortable at each of our restaurants, and this is truly a concerning claim. We take matters such as this very seriously. As soon as we heard of the allegation, we immediately launched an investigation of our own and are working closely with local police. This is an active investigation and we ask that questions be directed to Abilene Police Department as we continue supporting their efforts.
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