6-year-old Texas boy found unresponsive in pool dies at hospital

(KTRK via CNN Newsource)

Screams of panic sounded throughout this Baytown apartment complex.

"It's what I came outside to and try to do what I could," said witness James Wilson.

An 8 year-old girl had already been pulled out by a maintenance worker.

"See the guy had a girl the ground over there and she was unresponsive and I know she had a brother with her and I was like where the brother and she couldn't talk," Wilson said.

Her 6-year-old brother was still in the pool.

"He was on the bottom of the pool all the way on the bottom 5 feet underwater," he said.

So Wilson jumped in.

"I just hop the gate and dove in and got him at the bottom of the pool," he said. "I tossed him out of the pool and I got out and tried administer CPR couldn't get a response but I kept working on to the professionals came."

You can see there is a padlock on the gate. Police said they had to cut it to get inside to get to those kids.

"We saw the police trying to bring him back to life and he wasn't responding he did have a pulse or anything," a neighbor said.

Sadly, police say the boy died at the hospital. Investigators say the brother and sister were at the pool unsupervised.

"They were dropped off here when the complexes with a relative and somehow made their way over here to this complex to get in the pool," said Lt. Steve Dorris, with the Baytown Police Department.

"They usually do that are usually jump the gate and it's always locked they come over here by themselves and jump the gate this time they done it and is the outcome," the neighbor said.

Dorris says the big question is how the children got separated from the person who was supposed to be watching them and where that person was at the time.

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