Xcel Energy prepares in case of power outage: What you need to know

Xcel Energy prepares in case of a power outage: What you need to know. ( ABC 7 Amarillo Darra Cunningham)

Anytime strong storms are predicted, power outages are also possible, so it is important to prepare for whatever hits. Xcel Energy Spokesman Wes Reeves said ice is the primary cause of a power outage in cold weather.

"If we just have snow that's usually not as big of a problem because its not sticking to the lines, we're hopeful that if we do have a little bit of ice this time it wont be very much and will transition to snow as quickly as possible," said Reeves.

Reeves said it is important to always have a lot of flash lights and blankets and to have a back up plan.

"Always keep in mind where you might go especially if you have small children or you're caring for someone who is elderly or sick and they need special attention," said Reeves.

Running water can help prevent pipes from freezing.

"The best thing is to look around and see where you can insulate something especially if you have pipes outside a water hydrant or something like that there are things you can buy at the home improvement store that are pretty inexpensive to cover that up," said Reeves.

Lining your doors and windows with weather stripping is also a big help. In the process, Xcel has put together a response strategy in case crews are called out to repair broker power lines and poles.

They plan to have crews stationed in certain areas in case of damages.

"We're moving them into the path of the storm looking into the Clovis area all the way through to Borger and that seems to be where this will come through," said Reeves.

Lastly, be proactive and have electrician contacts ready for if there is line damage.

"If it damages your meter box and the equipment on your house you would have to get an electrician to come and restore that before we can actually reconnect that service," said Reeves.

Xcel Energy said you will also need to call a city inspector. If you would like to stay update on where power outages are, you can download the Xcel Energy app or follow the link.

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