WT community grieving after sudden death of student

    WT community grieving after sudden death of student, Treston L. Johnson.

    A West Texas A&M student is dead after police said he jumped out of a moving vehicle Tuesday night.

    According to police, Treston L. Johnson, who was a senior majoring in theater, suffered a traumatic head injury and died after he was taken to the hospital.

    "It definitely has gotten gloomier," said Treston's classmate, Yustina Guirguis.

    It's as if you can feel the somber mood on campus, two days after the passing of 22-year-old WT senior, Treston L. Johnson.

    "He was just a happy, bubbly person," said Guriguis. "[He] wanted to keep everyone involved...was really there to make sure everyone felt welcomed, invited. And he was just the light of anywhere he went."

    The light on campus, that's how classmates and professors know Treston.

    "Incredibly positive, a wonderful smile," said WT Director of Theater, Royal Brantley." "We had a secret handshake before every show. Treston was the one I could count on."

    Happy memories, make coping with losing Treston that much harder.

    Treston was a part of the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity. Police said he was with several of his fraternity brothers before the incident.

    Police said the fraternity is going through a rushing period to bring in new pledges, and had an informal game-like event to promote comradery within the fraternity scheduled for Tuesday, one day after Treston's death.

    During that event, the pledges would try to bring active members to the lodge. During the game, members are allowed to do anything to avoid being taken by the pledge.

    According to police, it's believed Treston was under the impression the game had started and he was trying to avoid a pledge.

    The National Chapter of Alpha Tau Omega released a statement to ABC 7 Amarillo, saying in part:

    "Contrary to some media reports, Treston was not taking part in a fraternity activity at the time of his accident. In fact, no fraternity event was scheduled that evening or was being held."

    Everyone including the fraternity is grieving.

    We cherish our students, and we know them," said Brantley. "We're committed to helping them through this."

    Classmates are remembering Treston for all he was, not letting a tragedy define his life.

    Alpha Tau Omego said they're supporting Treston's family in this difficult time. And are helping out with raising funds to help the family.

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