Wreath placed at 9/11 Monument at Borger's Huber Park

A wreath stands at the 9/11 Monument at Huber Park in Borger where people gathered to pay their respects for those who perished (Drew Powell ABC 7 News)  

The Borger Police Department and Borger Fire Department held a 9/11 remembrance ceremony at Huber Park. The city’s police chief and a member of the fire department walked side by side and placed a wreath at the monument on Monday honoring those who perished on this date in 2001.

“The wreath symbolizes just a small token of our own thoughts and to those who perished on 9/11,” said Brandon Strope, assistant police chief. “This is a small gesture that we can do to show our respects and pay our respects to those that died on that day.”

“I’m really glad Borger does this,” said Cloyce Gibbons, a Borger resident. “There were a lot of lives lost and it’s still a lot of pain for people, even to this day.”

Gibbons and her daughter were in New York City on 09/11/01. They were on a sight-seeing trip. The day before she and her daughter were atop one of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. She recalls what happened on that day.

“We were on a Double-decker bus trying to get out to the first ferry to visit the Statue of Liberty,” said Gibbons. “We ended up being stranded and we had to rent a car to drive back to Texas.”

Borger Police Chief Bruce Roberts was in Kosovo at the time of the terrorist attack on the United States. The Jersey native has friends who worked and lived in New York City. To help ensure 9/11 is never forgotten he tells ABC 7 News it’s up to the next generation to learn and keep alive the memories of what happened.

“We don’t need to ever forget what happened,” said Bruce Roberts, Borger’s police chief. “It was devastating to this country. The loss of life was tremendous (2,996) people. If we don’t pay heed to it, it could happen again it. It never needs to happen again, not in this country.”

“I think for the younger generation all we can do is educate and not forget,” said Strope. “We need to remind them this is a very important date. Thousands of people died in a cowardly attack including 343 firefighters and 72 police officers.”

The flags at Huber Park were flying at half-staff following the wreath laying ceremony. Private donations and businesses in Borger have helped the city improve the 9/11 monument.

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