With close to 400 foster kids in Potter and Randall, CPS needs foster parents

With close to 400 foster kids in Potter and Randall, CPS needs foster parents (Photo by Kendra Hall ABC7).

There are close to 400 children in Randall and Potter County who are in foster care. They are forced to split up siblings because there are not enough foster homes.

"A lot of people pull away from foster care and allowing those children into their homes because it is a painful reality to say goodbye to those kids when they do go back to family," said Whitney Rel, Foster Parent. "It is just a natural selfish instinct to protect your heart and we have had to work pretty hard to overcome that instinct and to open our hearts to those kids who just need it. They need to love. They need the safety of a good home."

Though it is tough at times, Rel says it has been a wonderful experience.

And there is a big need for foster parents in the area now.

"We have a high traffic drug area," said Rel. "I believe that there are a lot of parents who are hurting and are in a desperate situation with their addiction and those kids just get caught up in the mix."

With close to 400 foster children in the area, CPS needs parents to step up. Some kids have to be sent to other cities because there are no open foster homes.

"With our capacity needs in the area, siblings are often split up, which makes for a very sad situation when they've already been through a traumatic situation to begin with and then we traumatize them even more when we have to split them up and that's why we need foster homes," said Rebecca Robinson, Foster Adoptive Development Supervisor for CPS.

Robinson encourages couples or even a single person to look into foster care.

"It's something that's very important to every child to have a family and to have somebody to go to who cares for them and that loves them," said Robinson.

Anyone interested in learning more about foster care can attend an informational meeting at CPS. They are the second and the last Tuesday of every month. They start at 7 p.m. and are located at 3521 SW 15th Ave, Amarillo, TX 79102.

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