Wildcat Bluff Nature Center celebrates 25th anniversary

Wildcat Bluff Nature Center celebrates 25th anniversary Saturday. (ABC 7 Amarillo-Dakota Kessler)

Folks at Wildcat Bluff Nature Center had some cake and ice cream Saturday to celebrate their 25th anniversary of programs, hikes and conservation education.

During the come and go event, the trails and dig pit were open for walks and hiking.

Center officials tells ABC 7 News it is a big day for them.

"It's really important to do is go out and do things on your own, explore, see that your body can do, see what the world is all about,” said Wildcat Bluff Nature Center Executive Director Victoria Saker. “You really can't do that if you are being told what to do and where to go all the time, so one of the things we really encourage our guess is free time, free play on the trails."

To learn more about the Wildcat Bluff Nature Center, click here.

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