Wheeler tornado leaves path of destruction

Wheeler tornado rips roof off of church. (ABC 7 Amarillo- Jala Washington).

Outside of Iglesia Cristiana Canaan, the roof lays tossed, dumped and in shambles.

"How can this happen?," asked church member Marlen Alvarado.

Church members in shock, are coming together collecting what is left and remembering what was.

“It was just sad because I grew up here," said Alvarado.

Today, ABC 7 walked through Iglesia Cristiana Canaan with Alvarado. Doing so, we discovered what's been wrecked.

“Everything is wet in here, and then if you go in there, that’s where they used to have services," said Alvarado. "There are holes, you can see right through to the sky.”

Conditions are rough.

“We continued walking and it was all under water, stuff on the rooftop was starting to come down," said Alvarado.

Accepting tragedy for what it is, is something Alvarado said their church is used to.

“This church has been through a lot," said Alvarado.

Once struck by a fire, the church said they've been working since to raise money to help with repairs.

Now back at square one, Pastor Cesar Barrón said it's their faith that keeps them going.

"I know that God has something better for us," said Barrón in Spanish.

Left with the overwhelming disaster of a storm's destruction, some might hope to find the light at the end of the tunnel where it's least expected.

“When this happens, you all have to come together," said Alvarado.

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