Driver arrested in Wheeler Co. after deputies find THC edibles

Wheeler County deputies discover a vehicle with THC food products. (Photo: Wheeler County Sheriff's Office)

On Tuesday, deputies responded to a call at Cross Country Barn in Wheeler. The caller wanted a welfare check done on a subject that was sleeping in a vehicle in the parking lot.

According to the Wheeler County Sheriff's Office, deputies on scene made contact with the driver and noticed the driver was acting suspiciously. The deputies then asked for consent to search the vehicle but the driver refused consent.

A deputy and K-9 deputy Charlie were asked for assistance. The K-9 deputy did an open air search around the vehicle and alerted deputies to the odor of an illegal substance.

Investigators and the deputy searched the vehicle and found numerous food products with THC in them. A marijuana grinder and a set of scales were also found on scene.

The driver was arrested for Possession of a Controlled Substance and booked into the Wheeler County Jail.

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