Westar Futsal Club is the first Futsal club in the Amarillo area

Westar Futsal Club is new to Amarillo and hopes to get more youth and adults involved in the sport. (ABC7/Jillian Idle.)

Futsal is a sport similar to soccer, but also associated with hockey and basketball. It's growing in popularity with a group of men in the Amarillo area now starting a Futsal club.

Vitor Cardoso, originally from Brazil moved to Canyon to play soccer at WTAMU. He along with others on the team play Futsal during the off season.

"It makes you think faster," said Cardoso.

Cardoso also said it helps to improve your soccer skills because a Futsal ball is 60 percent smaller than a soccer ball, forcing you to learn good foot work.

"It makes you so much quicker and able to recognize pressure and how to get out of pressure," said Cardoso.

According to the United States Futsal Federation, it is played with five players on each team, using an indoor field typically smaller than a soccer field.

Now Cardoso and a group of men in the area have started the Westar Fustsal Club. They are encouraging the community to get involved with the sport, hoping to get enough players to start both youth and adult leagues.

"Regardless of your age and foot skill you'll improve and have fun," said Cardoso.

Currently, the club hosts practices on Mondays and Fridays at Amarillo Netplex.

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