West Texas A&M students benefit from food pantry

About 14.5% of American households are food insecure. The number of college students is nearly four times higher. That's why universities around the nation are creating food pantries on campus. West Texas A&M University is one of those.

"Money is tight as a student even working about a full time job, money is still pretty tight," WTAMU student, Landon Brown.

That's exactly what's feeding the rising number of students struggling to make ends meet. Researches suspect the high cost of tuition, books, and living expenses is not leaving enough money to buy groceries. That's why WTAMU students decided to rally around their own, creating a food pantry.

"We were able to look at other ideas and see what other food pantries were doing and how they're serving their students and what we need to do," WTAMU student body president, Lief Knippers. "The food pantry offers a wide variety of things. Vegetables protein items, anything in that range that students can come in and get if they need additional nutritional support while completing their education here at WT".

Right now, WTAMU is running the pantry with generous donations given at events, like Super Tuesday. Because of that, any student is welcome to the pantry to grab what they need.

"We don't want any information from you we just want to, again, you'll have to present your id to clarify that you're a student and then get what you need. What we plan to do is it will be open every Tuesday and Friday. And it will be temporarily run by our Core office, our activity hub if you will. And so they're helping us out. But what We would really like to do is lean toward gearing up other organizations to come in and volunteer," said Knippers.

It's about students helping students achieve their goals, because research shows a student who doesn't have enough to eat doesn't do well in school. The pantry opened last week. Knippers said soon they'll be able to track how many students are benefiting from the pantry.

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