West Texas A&M offering up to a year of free on-campus housing

West Texas A&M offering up to a year of free on-campus housing. (ABC 7 Amarillo- Jala Washington).

West Texas A&M's Residential Living Center's free housing incentive program is something they say no other University in the area has done.

"First of all... everybody in college is like, 'Oh free, yes!," WT Sophomore, Emily Hodnett said.

Hodett is just one of WT's excited students, as she said free semesters will help a great deal.

"Taking the burden off paying for this, like the housing part, leaves more opportunities to do more things," Hodnett said.

WT Senior Director of Residential Living, Jeff Sulik said WT's president Dr. Walter Wendler has made lowering student debt a priority.

"A number of calls from parents are saying, so what's the catch?" Sulik said. "There's no catch. We wanted to keep this really simple [and] did not want it to be where students have to sign up for something extra, or do it sort of as a rebate."

Sulik said they'll credit students' housing bills to their accounts for the given semester.

"We want to keep our rates down and provide students the opportunity to graduate," he said.

These opportunities have been designed to be affordable.

"I think there's a lot of potential for us to meet student needs, while also providing for keeping student costs down," Sulik said.

And it's taken a team to discover something like this being possible for WT.

"We looked at what it would take if we gave this discount to juniors and seniors, [and] how many additional juniors and seniors do we need that don't currently live on campus to sort of offset the cost," Sulik said.

Students are looking forward to life after college with help from this program.

"I mean you got your degree, [then] it's time to go make a life," Hodnett said. "You don't want to worry about that debt."

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