Walmart releases statement after gas mix-up at Amarillo store

Walmart's corporate office has released a statement after a customer's vehicle died from the wrong fuel being put into her vehicle. (File photo)

Walmart's corporate office has released a statement after a customer's vehicle died from the wrong fuel being put into her vehicle.

Jessica Franks Delatorre went to the Walmart Neighborhood Market on Arden Road and Coulter Street to fill up her gas tank Tuesday morning. Moments after she pulled away from the pump, her 2014 Chrysler Town and Country died. Delatorre is handicapped, has three children and her vehicle suits her handicapped needs.

Delatorre found out that the company that supplies gasoline to the store mixed up the fuel in the diesel and unleaded tanks.

When Delatorre called the Walmart location, they told her she needed to fill out a form providing information on the incident. The Walmart location then told her they would be happy to reimburse her for the gas she paid for.

"They blamed the gas company," Delatorre said. "But they couldn't tell me who the gas company is."

According to Delatorre, her motor was ruined from the incident.

On Wednesday, Walmart released the following statement:

Early yesterday, our supplier mixed up the fuel in our diesel and unleaded tanks at Walmart #7349 in Amarillo, TX. We shut down the pumps as soon as we became aware of the issue, and we immediately worked to purge and clean the lines. We worked quickly to replace the fuel and reopened early this afternoon. Service to our customers is a top priority and we apologize to any customers who were impacted by this. If you were affected, please contact store management so that we can work with our supplier to address your concerns.

Also on Wednesday, Delatorre was told by a manager at the Walmart location that the gas company would provide her a rental vehicle.

"The gas company was supposed to take care of rental car and my van, but [the manager] didn't know [the] gas company," Delatore said. "Then later [a manager] said to set up [a] rental car through our insurance [and] Walmart will pay then. [Another manager] from Walmart at Arden said they will provide rental car for me today since [I] have 3 kids and [am] handicapped."

However, later on Wednesday, Delatorre was told she would have to call a number to set it all up. When she called that number, Delatorre said she was told to cancel her insurance claim and they would take care of everything. Then, she was told Walmart would reimburse her after she paid for her vehicle to be fixed.

There have been claims of other vehicles that were affected by the gas issue. According to Delatorre, she was told 55 other vehicles were affected. ABC 7 Amarillo spoke with a manager at the Walmart location who confirmed that the gas company told them, according to the amount of fuel that was bought during the time period before the incident was discovered, approximately 55 vehicles, more or less, were affected by the incident.

Delatorre also said she knows one other person who was affected and Walmart covered all of their expenses to get their vehicle fixed, including a rental car. She said she doesn't know why they aren't doing the same for her and she just wants the issue fixed.

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