VIDEO: 9-year-old Follett boy with cancer gets surprise from a favorite NFL player

Jayro Ponce's reaction to the question, "How was that surprise?" after New York Giants' Weston Richburg visits him. (ABC 7 Amarillo)

For about four months nine-year-old Jayro Ponce has been receiving treatment from The Don & Sybil Harrington Cancer Center in Amarillo.

"Rhabdoid, and that's one of the rarest cancers," Jayro said.

Laura Ponce tells ABC 7 News Jayro was diagnosed on December 27, 2016 with a malignant Rhabdoid tumor.

"He has had four treatments of radiation and he needs four more," Laura said. "He has had four chemo therapy treatments and he needs four more. We're hoping."

"It just feels different," Jayro said. "When I was energized then when I didn't have cancer, I just could run and all that stuff. Now, I can't really."

Jayro and his mom have been staying at the Ronald McDonald House during his treatments. His dad, brother and sister travel from their home in Follett every weekend to reunite.

On April 8, the whole family was decked out in "Team Jayro" shirts and bracelets when they visited the Harrington Cancer Center. Jayro said his other supporters back home are also wearing the same gear.

"It feels like a lot of support," Jayro said. "They've been supporting me for four months now."

However, April 8 was no ordinary trip to the center. There was no treatment scheduled. Thanks to his team of doctors and nurses and some sneaky planning, Jayro received a surprise he'll never forget.

"Yes, I'm a fan of the New York Giants," Jayro said.

Bushland native and Giant's center Weston Richburg heard about Jayro and stopped by for a surprise visit.

"I think it's the highest honor to have a kid going through something like that and he wants to see you, he wants to hang out with you," Richburg said. "That's pretty powerful."

Although Jayro was honest in saying Odell Beckham Jr. was his favorite player, Richburg is among the players he admires. In fact, among the New York Giants merchandise Richburg brought Jayro was a poster of the two players autographed by Beckham Jr.

"Anytime any of us can do something like that, for young fans and kids going through things that I've never even experienced, we're more than happy to be able to do things like that," Richburg said.

Jayro had a "Team Jayro" shirt and bracelet for Richburg to take with him.

"It has been amazing," Laura said. "We have had the support that you can not imagine."

Even though Jayro said the cancer has taken away some of his energy, after the big surprise he was ready for the next adventure.

"I'm going horseback riding," Jayro said.

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