Victims of burglaries in Borger seek solution to ongoing problem

Homeowners in Borger and some business owners are trying to work on a plan to help reduce the number of burglaries and repeat burglaries occurring (Drew Powell ABC 7 News)

Homeowners and business owners in Borger who are victims of burglaries and repeat burglaries went before the city council on Tuesday to express their frustrations. One homeowner who owns three houses has been victim of a burglary at two of the houses with one being hit more than twice.

Danny and Ramona Park shared their story with the city council seeking a solution to the problem. A house the couple owns in Gateway Heights has been targeted and burglarized more than once.

“I think in my case the thing is we just want the higher ups in the city and the police department to know the people out here are crying for help,” said Danny Park, homeowner.

“They did listen and I hope there are some solutions,” said Ramona Park, homeowner. “I didn’t really feel like I got the feedback that I needed. I think there is plenty of personal responsibility here there’s got to be more government responsibility.”

After people spoke during the regular session the city’s police chief Bruce Roberts addressed the homeowners and business owners to inform them what the police department is doing to combat the problem. He informed them that it will take everybody to work together to help reduce the problem of burglaries to homes and businesses. The city council did approve the measure to hire three new officers for the department and the council on Tuesday is expected to vote on an expenditure of $161,205.93 for the purchase of four fully equipped police package vehicles.

One homeowner announced plans to start a neighborhood watch to help reduce the number of burglaries.

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