Vehicle versus pedestrian crash leaves one injured in Clovis

John Smart is being charged as an adult in Clovis for a vehicle versus pedestrian crash. (Courtesy Clovis Police Department)

A vehicle versus pedestrian crash leaves one male injured in Clovis Friday.

According to the Office of the Clovis Police Department, officers found an injured 19 year-old male who was immediately taken to Plains Regional Medical Center.

The incident occurred at around 11 a.m Friday at the 600 block of Sunland Drive in Curry County in Clovis.

Officers received a description of the vehicle and were able to locate the suspected vehicle at the 200 block of Sunland Drive.

John Smart, 18, was contacted by police. He was pacing on property near the vehicle where he was detained and eventually taken to the Clovis Police Department.

The Special Operations Unit of the CPD, responded to investigate the incident. Upon interviewing Smart, officials indentified Smart as the driver of the vehicle and suspect involved in the crash.

The victim is 19-years-old but his name is unknown. He was interviewed along with another witness to the incident.

Officers charged Smart with aggravated battery in the third degree and is being held in the Curry County Adult Detention Center without incident.

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