Vega residents react to new Dollar General

A new Dollar General is being built on Route 66 in Vega. (ABC 7 Amarillo-Tiffany Lester)

A new business is under construction in Vega, and while a lot of folks are happy about, some are not.

A new Dollar General is being built on South Main Street, just a few hundred yards away from the county courthouse.

Some residents tell ABC 7 News they don't like the idea of having a mostly modern looking dollar general in a town so full of history.

“A lot of buildings have been here before I was born and before my grandparent were even born, so seeing a new addition of a dollar general is kind of strange,” said Vega resident Christian Frausto.

Oldham County Judge Don Allred said the more business, the better.

He said the Dollar General will bring in business and also keep business in the town.

“Any time that you can't find something locally and you need that product, you're going to go to a larger community that can provide those services,” said Allred.

“When the interstate went around, Vega started to die out,” said Vega resident David Wheeler. “You saw a lot of the businesses on Route 66 close down.”

Wheeler said he's excited to see the new growth happening in his hometown.

“On Sunday's, if there's something you need, and the store's not open, you can go to Dollar General and probably find it. It'll probably help the economy of Vega,” said Wheeler

Allred tells ABC 7 News the growth is in part thanks to community support, as well as, their work the wind industry.

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