UIL Marching Band Contest brings passionate members to Bivins Stadium

UIL Marching Band Contest brings passionate members to Bivins Stadium. (ABC 7 Amarillo- Jala Washington).

A love for music, and an ear for detail is what keeps marching band students going.

"It's pretty much my whole life," Stratford High School Junior, Renne Lawrence said.

For Lawrence, the rhythm of music adds balance to her life.

"I never really fit in anywhere, and it was just something that I was good at," Lawrence said. "I love doing it, I love learning new instruments and having music."

She plays the flute, piccolo, clarinet and saxophone. To say she's a bit of a perfectionist would be an understatement.

"I'll just do anything to make it as perfect as it can be," Lawrence said.

When out on the field in the heat of a performance, she says there's a zone most band members get into.

"I don't look at anybody, I just keep my head up, and I just kind of look at the press box or just anywhere [else]," Lawrence said.

Doing their absolute best and leaving it all out on the field is what band members are doing. However, for some, they're hoping that showcasing their talents will expand beyond the field.

"I really want to get a scholarship for band, and I really want to go to WT," Lawrence said.

For Lawrence's family members, watching the growth through performances is what makes them proud.

"It shows dedication and teamwork, it shows a desire to be the best she can at something that's very, very important to her," Ingrid Pearson, Lawrence's Grandmother said.

And staying consistent and passionate may help all band members in the long run.

"I do what I love, and I love what I do," Lawrence said. "I will practice until what I'm doing is perfect and I'll do the best I can."

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