TX Supreme Court looks at red light cameras; Amarillo likely to keep them

Red light camera intersections are marked with these signs. (By: Niccole Caan, KVII)

The Texas Supreme Court is looking at the constitutionality of red light cameras, but drivers, do not get too excited. No matter what the decision, it looks like Amarillo will be keeping its cameras.

A lawsuit, the court will consider, said the town of Willis, Texas, did not do a state-required engineering study before installing the cameras. This would make any ticket given illegal.

Back here at home, Amarillo's City Manager said its red light cameras comply with state law.

“That case is talking about cities that didn't use a traffic study before they implemented the red light cameras,” said Jared Miller. “We did. That case doesn't apply to us."

Yet, there still may be some hope the cameras will be outlawed. Gov. Abbott said he will ask the legislature to ban them next year.

"If the state determines red light cameras aren't legal, we would just utilize our out options in the contracts with our vendor,” said Miller. “Any changes to state law would provide cities ability to exit their contracts."

For right now, expect changes to Amarillo's red light cameras in January.

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