Two years missing: family honors Thomas Brown

    For one family in , Thanksgiving Eve is a painful reminder of the day their son, Thomas Brown, never made it home (ABC 7 Amarillo - Morgan Burrell).<br><p>{/p}

    For most of us, the day before Thanksgiving means thawing , preparing cranberry sauce and getting ready for family.

    For one family in Canadian, it is a painful reminder of the day their son, Thomas Brown, never made it home.

    On Tuesday, Tucker Brown, Thomas's brother remembered a day that he will never forget.

    "It all started at my house, we lived in town and we did not hear back from Thomas and he was never late for curfew, ever," said Tucker. "You know, it started there. We didn’t hear back from him so we went to look for him. It was around midnight."

    As of Tuesday, it has been 728 days since Thomas's disappearance.

    "And we continued to look until we didn't find him and here we are, two years later still looking," said Tucker.

    Tucker said it has been tough for his family to find comfort throughout this investigation.

    "The last two years have been hard on all of us and of course we had several things that distracted us, I was still in school and she's a school teacher," said Tucker.

    But Thomas's mom, Penny Meek, said this year they are doing something different on the anniversary of her son's disappearance.

    "We kind of came up with this turkey trot and you know selling the and raising the money really that way to raise funds and really there will be some individual donors as well," said Meek.

    Meek said they picked a special place to hold this fun-run.

    "Thomas's car was found not too far from here and so we kind of wanted to include this area," said Meek.

    Meek and Tucker said this event is not a memorial for Tom.

    "It's just a way to keep it in the news," said Tucker. "But what we plan to do is give a scholarship from the money raised to kids."

    The turkey trot is a way for Thomas's family to give students something Tom never had.

    "He didn't get to embark on a college career so we don't want anybody to be held back from that for any reason and in this case, financial reasons," said Tucker.

    On Tuesday afternoon, senior investigator Philip Klein released a statement in regards to Tom's case:

    "Today we have received many phone calls from the media in request of an update on the Thomas Brown case - located in Canadian Texas. We want the media to know that this is still very active and we believe a solvable case. We were asked this last week on a 1-10 scale - with 1 being a cold case - where we are on the case. We believe we are on a "7" on the scale. We do not want to compromise the case and have been asked not to make any direct statements. We can say the investigation that we have dropped our timeline of events from 12:08 (the next morning) to 11:37 at the pumps where he filled up with fuel. We ask you to pray and have faith in ALL investigators with the state, PSB and federal agents that are working on the case."

    If you would like to attend the Turkey Trot on Wednesday, tickets are $20 and all the money goes back to scholarships for eligible students across the Texas Panhandle.

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