Two elderly people die after carbon monoxide poisoning

Two elderly people died after carbon monoxide poisoning (File Photo)

The Amarillo Fire Department was sent to the 900 block of North Evergreen on Sunday where two elderly citizens lost their lives from what appears to have been carbon monoxide poisoning.

According to AFD officials, 80-year-old Paul Le and 83-year-old Nghi Nguyen had been using an appliance manufactured for outdoor cooking inside their kitchen. The appliance, similar to a turkey fryer, produced a large open flame, which is a source of carbon monoxide.

The appliance was built for outdoors and was not created with a venting system, which allowed production of carbon monoxide inside the victims home.

Authorities said there was no carbon monoxide alarm in the home even though there was evidence that one had been installed at on time.

Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas that binds the hemoglobin in your blood and decreases the amount of oxygen your blood can carry.

Residents are reminded that all appliances should be used in strict accordance with their manufactured purpose.

The best way to monitor carbon monoxide levels in your home is by installing a carbon monoxide detector. If your detector sounds an alert, please call 911 immediately.

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