Tulia ISD calls its first bond election in 52 years

A number of renovations to Tulia High School and other campuses are on the horizon if voters approve a bond election (Drew Powell ABC 7 News)

For the first time since 1965, the Tulia Independent School District has put forth a bond election for voters. This year’s bond election is $13 million. If approved by voters, the district will have funding to pay for upgrades to school campuses and to relocate Swinburn Elementary to Highland Elementary.

“We would like to move it to the other elementary school creating a wing over there and make it a Pre-K through fifth grade campus,” said Steve Post, Tulia ISD’s superintendent. “We know they’re going to be aligned curriculum wise and from a safety standpoint you also take 250 to 300 students off of a corner that has junior high and high school located.”

“Moving the third, fourth and fifth grade school to Highland Elementary will help improve the kids’ transition,” said Joshua Moore, facilities committee member. “It will help ease the traffic in our community, as well, by allowing one spot for Pre-K through fifth grade to be picked up and dropped off.”

Other plans the district has if the bond passes on November 7 is to remodel the auditorium at the high school and renovate classrooms along with repairing and modernizing bathrooms and plumbing. Plans are to renovate office areas and improve safety by remodeling the entrances to campuses.

“As time progresses and technological needs change and schools deteriorate over time, the need has come to address this,” said Luke Cooper, a Tulia ISD board trustee. “We want to do this for our kids today and for kids walking Tulia ISD’s halls for years to come.”

Currently at Tulia High School, a fence with a lock is used inside the hallway’s main entrance to help secure the school. If the bond passes the district will be able to greatly improve safety by better securing the entrances to the campuses.

“Safety is a very important issue in today’s times,” said Post. “We need to make sure our kids are safe and that all the entrances are secure so that when you have visitors they come through the proper channels.”

Post tells ABC 7 News the need for a bond comes at a time when the district has used a pay as you go approach to fix a problem or maintenance issue.

Early voting runs till 5:00 p.m. on Nov. 3. If you are over the age of 65 or disabled, your home property taxes will not increase if you have been granted the “Over 65” or “Disabled” homestead exemption. For more information on the exemptions contact Swisher County Appraisal District at (806) 995-4118.

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