Thomas Brown's friends open up after his remains are found

Thomas Brown's friends are opening up after his remains were found two years after his disappearance. (ABC 7 Amarillo-Tiffany Lester)

ABC 7 News sat down Thursday afternoon with two of Thomas Brown’s friends and school peers after his remains were found one week ago.

The question on a sign posted on an empty business on Canadian’s Main Street reads: “Where is Thomas Brown?” That question now has an answer. The high school senior went missing two years ago.

“That first year, everyone held out hope he was alive and that second year, it kind of dwindled,” said William Innis, Brown’s close friend and fellow football teammate.

There were several search parties and rumors spread after his disappearance.

“I thought maybe he skipped town, was out somewhere having fun,” said Innis.

“Maybe he was running away from something, he had a family spat or something like that,” said Jose Sias, Brown’s school peer.

Now the truth of his death is shaking his two school friends and the entire community.

“It’s brought up a lot of old feelings. Today was kind of a lot like the day after he disappeared. It kind of hurts, well more than kind of. We were really close. It’s like losing a family member,” said Innis.

Brown’s remains were found on Lake Marvin Road on Jan. 9, 2019, just over 15 miles outside of Canadian in Hemphill County. They were identified as Brown's Jan. 15.

“(There’s) hardly anything interesting there. It’s very surprising. It’s kind of terrifying that so close to town, probably about a 10 to 20 minute drive right outside of town and yet we’ve searched every and still couldn’t find him,” said Sias.

While we now know where Brown is, there are still several questions to be answered.

“His death shook everybody and especially shook me because was he killed, did he kill himself?" asked Sias.

“I’m glad they know where he is, but now it raises questions of why did it take so long,” said Innis.

There have been no arrests made in the case.

The new Dairy Queen General Manager Robert Church tells ABC 7 News that he has gotten approval to help the family in any way they need, whether that be monetarily or by providing food donations for Brown’s memorial services.

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