Famous Texas Panhandle attractions make USA Today's list of best attractions

Two famous Texas Panhandle attractions make USA Today's list of best attractions

USA Today is looking for the best attractions in Texas. There is a list of 20 from various cities that anyone can vote one and two of those attractions are from our very own Texas Panhandle.

Cadillac Ranch and Palo Duro Canyon are two attractions that made the cut.

"It is just awesome," said Rose Young, Fort Worth resident. "Everybody needs to come see it, at least once and graffiti... that you will never be able to do again."

Cadillac Ranch is off I-40. People travel from all over the world to see it.

Another famous attraction is Palo Duro Canyon. It is the second largest canyon in the country and it's hidden in the Panhandle.

"There's a lot to love," said Carl Fowler, Palo Duro Canyon Volunteer. "It's hard to pick out one thing. Of course the most popular attraction is the Lighthouse .If you go into any store in Amarillo, you've seen a picture of it."

Fowler has been volunteering at Palo Duro for 19 years. He says he sees people form all over the world who pass through the Panhandle to see the canyon. He says it is a hidden gem. Another hidden gem that did not make the USA Today list, but is ranked the number one attraction in Amarillo on Trip Advisor is the RV Museum.

"We never dreamed that it would be this popular," said Trent Sisemore, co-owner of the RV Museum. "I think it's popular because people love the nostalgia of the open road and the memories that they had as they travel throughout life."

There is a lot of history in the museum and it is completely free.

"We typically have about 100 people a day come through the museum and usually four or five countries will come a day," said Sisemore. "Usually 20-30 different states will visit us every day."

What draws people to the Texas Panhandle is the famous Route 66 and some who ABC 7 spoke with Thursday were shocked to find there are more attractions in the area than they thought.

To vote for your favorite Texas attractions go here.

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